Disturbing Second Childhood

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Cold, Wind and Rain
A very short piece about a rainy day written in mid 2000.

"You know you can be really difficult sometimes, Leslie." Last updated 8th May 2002.

Two Tales of Inadequacy
Part 1 - Sam's Eye View | Part 2 - Jane's Eye View
No real plot. Just stuff that spewed out real early in the morning (which seems to be when I wrote most of the time now). Last updated 4th January 2002.

Tiny Little Space Aliens
They have landed.

Queen Mersrin
On one hectic day two girls from very different families go missing – one a beautiful princess, the other a sorcerer’s apprentice – and get caught up in catastrophe and adventure. Will Captain Ford and River the wanderer be able to get them home before anything horrible happens? Will they meet the barbaric Queen Mersrin in Kookio-Joo? Will the author run out of ideas before she reaches the finish?

War Victim