Shards of Glass version 15 - A Turn of the Screw
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Western (originally English language) Comics series

Filling the Blanks - Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics fanlisting Furious Angel - the Daredevil Comic fanlisting Racing on the Thunder - The Flash comic fanlisting Quiver - Green Arrow comic fanlisting Johnny the Homicidal Maniac fanlisting A Thousand Strong - The Legion/Legion of Super-Heroes fanlisting Unspeakable Horrors - the Squee fanlisting Legendary - X-Men comics fanlisting Taste for Danger - Young Avengers fanlisting

Batman characters

The Cat's Meow - Selina Kyle/Catwoman fanlisting Written in Blud - Nightwing/Dick Grayson fanlisting Written Off - Spoiler/Robin IV/Stephanie Brown fanlisting A Woman With Demons - Batgirl III/Cassandra Cain fanlisting The Wings That Burn - Robin III/Tim Drake fanlisting That Girl is Poison - Poison Ivy/Pamela Isley
fanlisting The Joke's On You - The Joker fanlisting The Riddler/Edward Nygma 
fanlisting Dependable - Alfred Pennyworth fanlisting Harlequin - the Harley Quinn fanlisting Note to Self: Don't Die - Jason Todd fanlisting A Difficult Breed - Huntress/Helena Bertinelli fanlisting Siy Jerk Jai - Black Canary II/Dinah Lance fanlisting

Other DC Universe Characters

Impulsive Streak - Impulse/Kid Flash II/Bart Allen fanlisting Split Second - The Flash III/Wally West fanlisting Quiver - Green Arrow I/Oliver Queen fanlisting Twelth Level - Brainiac 5 fanlisting Without a Trace - Invisible Kid/Lyle Norg fanlisting Well Equipped - Arsenal/Speedy I/Roy Harper fanlisting Mild Mannered - Superman/Clark Kent fanlisting Boy of Steel - Superboy/Kon-El fanlisting Mythic - Wonder Girl II/Cassie Sandsmark fanlisting Amazing - Wonder Woman fanlisting

X-Men Characters

Born Normal - Northstar/Jean-Paul Beaubier fanlisting
Charles Xavier fanlisting
Attraction - Polaris/Lorna Dane fanlisting Subzero - Iceman/Bobby Drake fanlisting Rise Above - Phoenix/Jean Grey fanlisting Angelic - Icarus/Jay Guthrie fanlisting Cajun Charm - Gambit fanlisting Wild Man - Beast/Hank McCoy fanlisting Rogue fanlisting Him, Angel - Angel/Archangel/Warren Worthington III fanlisting

Marvel Universe Characters

Mascot - the Bucky fanlisting Second Self - She Hulk/Jennifer Walters fanlisting Rage Issues Are Passe - Teddy Altman/Hulkling fanlisting Rebelion - Patriot/Elijah Bradley fanlisting Spellcaster - Billy Kaplan fanlisting Tall Story - Titan/Cassie Lang fanlisting

Misc Comics characters

Wicked Smile - Nny fanlisting Evil and Stuff - Pepito fanlisting

Foreign translated Comics series

Sweet Business - the Antique Bakery fanlisting Card Captor Sakura fanlisting Count Cain fanlisting Peccato Originale - God Child fanlisting Death Note fanlisting Cross Grave - D.Gray-Man fanlisting Dollhouse - Dolls fanlisting Strays - Dogs fanlisting Repossession - Get Backers fanlisting War and Peace - the Gundam Wing: Blind Target fanlisting Triple Your Psychics, Triple Your Fun - Hands Off! fanlisting Divine Move - Hikaru no Go fanlisting Love on a Leash - Hot Gimmick fanlisting Uzumaki - Naruto fanlisting Broken - Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion aka Orion no Shounen fanlisting Nakama - One Piece fanlisting For You I Have waited - Only the Ring Finger Knows fanlisting Peacemaker Kurogane fanlisting Journey into Danger - Gensomaden Saiyuki fanlisting Dying Goldshine - Saiyuki Gaiden fanlisting Phase 8 - Saiyuki Reload fanlisting Spirit Detectives - Yu Yu Hakusho fanlisting

Manga characters

Ikou! Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece) fanlisting
Quiet Beauty - Emma (Victorian Romance Emma) fanlisting Useless - Jezebel Disreali (Count Cain) fanlisting Heaven's Drive - Count Cain Hargreaves fanlisting Gothic Butterfly - Merryweather Hargreaves (Count Cain/Godchild) fanlisting The Tower - Riff (Count Cain) fanlisting Prodigy - Touya Akira (Hikaru no Go) fanlisting Impulsive - Narito Akane (Hot Gimmick) fanlisting Story of a Girl - Narito Hatsumi (Hot Gimmick) fanlisting Acquiesent - Narito Shinogu (Hot Gimmick) fanlisting Disturbed - Asuza (Hot Gimmick) fanlisting Perverse Beauty - Ryouki (Hot Gimmick) fanlisting Otaku Boy - Subaru (Hot Gimmick) fanlisting Bushido - Roronoa Zoro (One Piece) fanlisting Cigarette Man - Sanji (One Piece) fanlisting Ephemeral - Tsukasa Amou (Orion no Shounen) fanlisting Peace - Mana Kirihara (Orion no Shounen) fanlisting Darklore - Kaname Kusakabe (Orion no Shounen) fanlisting Wizard - Tomonori Nakaura (Orion no Shounen) fanlisting Tranquility - Kurama fanlisting Disarm - Urameshi Yuusuke fanlisting

Manga relationships

The Kitsune's Sandbox - Gaara&Naruto relationship fanlisting Sakura/Lee fanlisting


Oxidize - Bleach fanlisting
Too Ugly - Ayasegawa Yumichika fanlisting Quincy Archer - Ishida Uryuu fanlisting Myriad - Kuchiki Rukia fanlisting love and death - Yasutora Sado (Chad) fanlisting Little Flower - Kusajishi Yachiru fanlisting

Prince of Tennis

Abusive Love, Baby - Bane/Dabide fanlisting
Prince of Tennis fanlisting Rising - Zenkoku Taikai Hen fanlisting Hyoutei Rhapsody - Hyoutei Gakuen Chuutoubu (Prince of Tennis) fanlisting underdogs - Fudoumine Chuu (Prince of Tennis) fanlisting Beach Boys - Rokkaku Chuu fanlisting St. Rudolph Gakuen (Prince of Tennis) fanlisting Kallistos - Atobe Keigo (Prince of Tennis) fanlisting Tensai - Fuji Syuusuke fanlisting Shroom - Hiyoshi Wakashi fanlisting Fluffy - Karupin fanlisting Kawamura Takashi fanlisting Kikumaru Eiji (Prince of Tennis) fanlisting Tomboy - Miyuki fanlisting Theory of Evil - Mizuki Hajime fanlisting Kakeru - Mukahi Gakuto (Prince of Tennis) fanlisting Bohemian Blue - Oshitari Yuushi fanlisting Haru no Ao - Ryuzaki Sakuno fanlisting Sakaki Tarou fanlisting The Art of War - Sanada Genichirou fanlisting A Boy From Osaka - Shiraishi Kuranosuke fanlisting Tough Girl - Tachibana An fanlisting Reborn - Tachibana Kippei fanlisting Tezuka Kunimitsu fanlisting The Zen of Renji - Yanagi Renji fanlisting Captain's Pride - Atobe Keigo/Tezuka Kunimitsu fanlisting Ryoma/Sakuno fanlisting Eiji/Fuji fanlisting Taka/Fuji fanlisting Calculated Thinking - Inui/Yanagi fanlisting Golden - Eiji/Oishi fanlisting Hide & Seek - Yuushi/Gakuto fanlisting Next Gate - Shishido/Ohtori fanlisting Oishi/Tezuka fanlisting Way to Go - Sanada/Yukimura fanlisting